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Too Much Thread Locker?

  1. Geena
    Too Much Loctite?

    We have all done it from time-to-time. Put too much thread locker on a screw during a build, or repair. Helicopter, car/truck, boat...it`s a real pain to remove a screw that has been overly thread locked.

    You either wind up stripping the head or breaking the screw off in the part...or both. Here is a simple, safe and easy way to get them to cooperate. Heat up your soldering iron and hold the tip to the head of the screw for about 30-45 seconds. This should re-liquify the thread locker, and allow you to back the screw out without harming the part. You may have to repeat the heating process a couple of times, but it will work.

    What do you do if you have stripped the head of the screw? You use a Dremel, with a cutoff wheel to cut a slot in the screw head. This will allow you to use a flat screwdriver to back the screw out after heating it with the soldering iron.

    Also. Please wear safety glasses when performing these, and other operations...or when using CA glue.

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  1. bigone5500
    Please note that if the screw to be removed is through a plastic member, then there is a risk of melting that part.

    They make 'chapstick' type thread locker that is much easier to use.