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Custom Charge Case Build

By Geena, May 25, 2017 | | |
  1. Geena
    For four years, I have been using a Dynamite Ultra Duo battery charger to keep my machines flying. The Dynamite charger has been a wonderful piece of equipment, but it recently gave up and needed to be replaced.

    Instead of buying another Ultra Duo, I decided to get with the program, and build a real charging case. The project started with a Plano brand handgun case from Walmart, which is very similar to the more expensive pelican cases. They are high quality cases and I use them for everything...battery cases, transmitter cases, charger cases and more.

    20170525_201755 (1024x759).jpg

    Next came the power supplies and charger. My husband noticed I was looking at them online, and took it upon himself to order a charger and power supplies for me, for my birthday....how cool was that?

    The charger is a Revolectrix Dual powerLab PL8, purchased from Progressive RC. The power supplies are Juice Box (made by Strick Model Products) 1800 watt, 75A, 24volt .

    WP_20160921_003 (1024x556).jpg
    WP_20160921_001 (1024x569).jpg

    I received the charger and power supply in a few days, and immediately got to work on the case. For the deck lid, I used 1/4" sanded birch plywood. I carefully cut the deck lid out to the shape of the case, test fitting and trimming until I had a perfect fit.

    Next, I measured the charger and fans so I could start laying out the holes I would need to cut to mount everything in the deck. Once all the holes were cut, I covered the plywood deck with carbon fiber vinyl wrap which we purchased on Amazon.

    WP_20161002_002 (1024x531).jpg

    WP_20161002_004 (1024x562).jpg

    WP_20161002_007 (1024x533).jpg

    Now came the installation and wiring of all of the equipment in the case. That was actually the easy part. Since the charger is flush mounted in the deck, I had to install banana jacks in the deck to be able to plug in my charge leads. I used 60mm 24v fans, which work amazingly well at keeping the air moving through the case,.

    The power supply was very easy to secure. I just made a couple of aluminum brackets, padded with loop side self stick velcro to clamp it to the bottom of the case, using 4mm stainless steel countersunk screws and lock nuts. I did not take photos of the brackets, unfortunately. But if anyone wants to see how I made them, just let me know, and I will remove the deck and take some photos.

    WP_20161002_009 (1024x557).jpg

    WP_20161002_021 (1024x568).jpg

    I have made a few modifications to the case since it was built, which were the addition of parallel boards, balance lead extensions, and on/off switches to control each side of the charger independently.

    WP_20170307_001 (571x1024).jpg

    Here is a list of all the components I used:

    Case: Plano Gun Guard

    1/4" sanded birch plywood

    Carbon fiber vinyl wrap

    FMA Dual PowerLab PL8X2

    Two Juice Box 1800W, 75A, 24V power supplies

    Two 60mm 24V cooling fans

    Two sets of banana jacks

    Two 2s-8s balance boards with EC5 connectors

    Two 120V on/off switches

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  1. Heliman450
    Super, thanks for the feedback Geena. I thought about field charging but I can't justify it yet so will stick with what I've got for now. However, I can see a possibility in the future so now I've got a great model to base my design on. Cheers!
  2. Heliman450
    Hi Geena, looks great!

    The only thing missing for me is how the power supplies fit into the picture and connect into the charger. As my own charging station lives in my home, I made up two fire-resistant containers to hold the batteries (three each) during the charging process. For 'fire containment', I put a sandbag on top of each battery and have a fire extinguisher at the ready.

    I can't say that a fire would be fully contained but at least I'm prepared.
    1. Geena
      Thanks, Heliman450. The power supplies are mounted in the bottom of the case, and they just plug right into the EC5 connectors that come on the charger. I have two 1800 watt, 75 amp, 24 volt power supplies. One for each side of the charger.

      I only charge at the field, never at home, so I don`t worry too much about fires. I do keep my batteries stored in a metal container at home though.
  3. sneezy007
    Great article Geena, I've been toying with the idea of building one of these.
    1. Tony
      If you want portability, this is exactly how you do it. And it looks way better than my build! I may need to redo mine after this lol. But that damn iCharger 306 has that hump at the back that causes issues. Man I need a new charger... Wait... No I don't, I never fly hahahahaha.
      sneezy007 likes this.
  4. Geena
    Thanks, guys. I had a ball doing this build and the best part is, I was able to build it for several hundred dollars less than they charge for a turnkey charging setup. Murankar, Those modular boards Rock! I really like that they don`t have to be assembled to work too. Because the lid on my case would not close with the modular boards assembled. I had to separate them, and mount the two halves to the deck to get the lid to close. But it still looks ok, and functions perfectly. :D
    1. murankar
      I have those boards myself and love them. Look back at the solar setup and youll see how I used them.
  5. Tony
    That is an awesome build! Way better than the craptastic build I did lmao.
  6. murankar
    Only thing missin are those kick butt PRC modular boards, lol. Looking good. I ditched the case in lue of my car. Of course that has inherint dangers buuuutttttt....

    After looking again I finally saw those kick butt PRC Modular boards.