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A Trick To Have Quick Install And Remove Canopy Standoffs!!

  1. coolgabsi
    So .. This applies to helis that have TWO points (atleast) of mounting the canopy on the frame.. So like the 600 size.. front and back canopy standoffs.

    In my 600 and 700 birds, I have a real issue sometiimes getting my front canopy grommets to align to the standoffs and getting it in there snug just is a pain.. Takes a while as the canopies are BIG and u have to manuever around. I always use screw in type or RC booya type canopy mounts anywaz..

    While my Whiplash has a RC booya on the rear canopy mounts, and screw in mounts on the front, I was having a real hard time, putting the two front ones on and screwing them in and THEN getting the QUICK booya mounts in. I didnt want Booya mounts in the front as I would have to do the same fight still as I would have had to align the booya ones to their hole and Stretch the canopy front like crazy.. anywaz.. it was convenient and more frustrating actually..

    IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked around found this website : Rare Earth Magnets by Amazing Magnets .. And they had This magnet :
    DH250D-FT-NI (Showing Fractional Measurements)

    Lights went on! and I decided to make canopy standoffs from these magnets. I googled a bit, and realized there were a few out there who had tried this with absolute success. SO this is what I did..

    I replaced the canopy standoff on the breakaway mounts with a magnet. As these magnets have a pre drilled counter sunk hole, the magnet was mounted with a simple screw and nut and spaced right for the height using washers/ more nuts on the two sides of the frame...

    and my screw in type thumb screws :

    Take the screw out and this time go through the magnet (on the inside of the canopy) through the rubber grommet through to the thumb screw part. Make sure North faces south .. and the magnets come from that company with half magnets drilled from N side, and other half from S side..

    here are the pics to may be explain it a bit better:

    Photo Apr 10, 9 51 50 PM.jpg
    Photo Apr 10, 9 51 56 PM.jpg
    Photo Apr 10, 9 51 44 PM.jpg
    Photo Apr 10, 10 09 11 PM.jpg
    Photo Apr 10, 10 09 00 PM.jpg
    Photo Apr 10, 10 08 38 PM.jpg

    Finally this is what it looks like mounted
    Photo Apr 10, 11 45 43 PM (HDR).jpg

    And outside it just looks like I got those thumb screws installed so Stock look.. but I never have to worry about screwing in anything and aligning stuff again! :D

    Photo Apr 10, 10 08 07 PM.jpg

    NOw If you are worried about the magnets letting go ? These are EXTREMELY STRONG magnets. They need 13lb's of force to get them to seperate. THATS A LOT! man these magnets are srtong.. and they PINCH HARD.. ask me how I know! :p :D So its not gonna come off mid flight. The canopy isnt gonna be 13pounds heavy..

    ALso the magents Align themselves.. I donot need to be even looking where they are going, I just aim with the booya mounts in the back, and the magnets take care of the alignment. It has reduced my canopy mount time from a couple minutes to barely 10 seconds and I am done! I will make a video of me mounting the canopy now soon.. Its so much fun.. and because canopy is huge, you have good amount of leverage on the to seperate them when you need to remove the canopy.

    In case of a crash .. Like it happend las time. guess what my.. canopy will just dislodge the magnets.. may be hurting the canopy which whould happen regardlesss BUT my frame then is safer, as canopy break offs dont bend my carbonn fibre.

    This mod was a lot of fun.. as it involved magnets which I love.. and this was very easy and SUCCESSFUL! :D

    So try it ! :D

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