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Lipo Voltage Checkers A Must Have For Your Tool Box!

By Tony, Jan 6, 2018 | | |
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  1. Tony
    Voltage Tester - Battery Voltage Tester Battery Monitor Buzzer Alarm For 1S-8S Lipo Battery

    This Lipo Voltage Checker for my batteries was actually included with a quad I did a review on that only had a 2s battery! I never did use it on that quad, but I have used it on every single batter that I wanted to parallel charge! This thing has become a staple in my charging setup.

    In one of our live streams, it was asked if you can mount this on the side of a helicopter or in a car, and the answer to that is yes, you absolutely can. And it will sound an alarm when your voltage per cell falls below what you have the checker set to. An absolutely awesome tool to have in your tool box!

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  1. Blade_flyer
    I have one and never fly without it! If your flying style changes from flight to fight, sometimes you can't rely on your timer. But with one of these, you will get a loud beeping alarm when any cell in your battery reaches the threshold that you set, allowing you to land without the chance of hitting LVC on the ESC.

    I have seen these online for under $3 and that's a small price to pay to save you from puffing batteries or worse, crashing planes from running out of juice. They weigh practically nothing and easy to attach with velcro to any surface. I usually stick mine to a battery strap in the plane.
  2. Cyclone 7
    Thoroughly agree - I have a few of them lying around and fitted to all my helis. The fully enclosed version(plastic case) is the better one in my opinion - more robust/easier to mount with double sided pads and has an alarm to wake the dead! Dirt cheap as well.