I was introduced to this little airplane from ParticleMan over on YouTube. I saw him flying it and I knew that I needed it. I love the Edge platform, in fact, I own 2 Balsa models of the Edge 540 and love flying them. Even though this plane has more of an MXS nose on it, it still looks like an Edge 540 with the wing profile. So I put in an order with Banggood and ordered the plane. You can check out the model at the link below.

US$92.68 42% XK A430 2.4G 5CH 3D6G System Brushless RC Airplane Compatible Futaba RTF RC Drones from Toys Hobbies and Robot on banggood.com

When I received it, it was quite smaller than I thought it would be. It is 430mm (hence the name lol) but I never actually measured it out to compare until I received it. Once I had it, yea, I was going to like the plane as long as it flew like I thought it should. So I charged up a battery and put some AA's in the Tx and headed outside with a camera on my head. You can see that video in the link below.

In that video, I let you know what I think about it with not only some bench talk, but also some voice over when I was flying it.

So what did I think about it and why did I want it? I'm glad you asked.

First of all, I'm absolutely sick and tired of the Government regulating what we can and cannot have fun with and where, when and how. I'm sick of it. My days of flying larger models are pretty much over thanks to these new laws and thanks to the AMA completely ignoring their members whom whey are ripping off for $75 a year. So for those reasons, I'm only flying things that are under 250 grams in weight. There are absolutely no rules on anything if it is under that weight limit. No rules for LOS flights, no rules on when and where you can fly them and no rules to put you in prison for having some fun with your friends and family.

First impressions of this plane were a mixed bag. In 6G mode, this thing was awesome. Perfect for the most part for a beginner to fly it. It had the ailerons and rudder mixed together so that when you added aileron, it would add rudder and you could fly it very easily since it was in a self level mode. However, when you put this thing into 3D mode, mine was horribly twitchy which I show in the video and thus made this plane unflyable. I almost lost it a few times in that video and had one heavy crash as a result of it.

I decided it was either the Tx that was the problem ($50) or it was the receiver/flight controller that was the problem. I really didn't want yet another Tx sitting around here that I would hardly ever use, so I decided to put something from Spektrum in this plane so that I could fly it with my DX9. And thanks to @Delininja we had the Spektrum AR6335 on the way.

I will do another post soon on some of the issues that we found while waiting for that receiver/gyro to show up in the mail. Lets just say, we found quite a few "issues" one of which could have blown up that brand new receiver that we just ordered. Stay tuned!