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⚠️ Cold Solder Joints⚠️ Catch Them Before They Crash You

By Tony, Jan 8, 2018 | | |
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  1. Tony
    If there is one thing that can ruin your day faster than anything, it's when a cold solder joint decides to finally come apart resulting in a crash! Always double check the factories soldered connections before it ends up costing you money!

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  1. tntpoof
    i suggest doing more than just checking solder joint ..in my years in this hobby running my original tethered cars ..i found out you better check every nut bolt screw on all rc even if you built it yourself..
    1. Tony
      You are exactly right. And this is where the Preflight Inspections Are A Must article comes into play.
    2. Nade
      I had issues with the EC5 connectors, then I came across RCPROPLUS Pro-3D connectors. Haven’t had one issue with a cold solder joint since. To me the only way to guarantee a hot solder. I found them at amainhobbies.