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Furibee Darkmax Los Line Of Sight Flight

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  1. Tony
    I'm not much of a quadcopter/multi-rotor fan, but when it comes to strapping on way too much power to way too small of a frame, I may just be game for it! Queue the FuriBee DarkMax 220mm quad (or Drone if you must). This thing is just ridiculous!

    In this video, I only fly this on a 4s because lets face it, I don't have room for this monster on 6s! It is absolutely insane! On a 6s though, it will hit well over 100mph, and it is hitting over 85mph just on this little 4s pack!!

    If you are looking for a fantastic quad to get into FPV racing, this quad, out of the box, is absolutely perfect.

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  1. bigone5500
    I'm all for a prebuilt quad but I want the satisfaction of putting one together from start to finish. I want to get into the nitty gritty aspects of it. The thing about 6S is I want to have the 'ability' to use a 6S pack if I wanted to. I will most likely only use a 4S.

    Thanks for the video Tony!
    1. Tony
      It's my pleasure Jared. I can completely understand wanting to build your own. That is the same place I was in when I built the first quad on my channel. Which is linked in the cards of this video. It is good and all, but back then, there just was not as much power to be had then. There are so many more options now days for power.
  2. Derek
    those props look like "butter cutter" props. Tony, can you share a close up pic of the quad so that I can see the props?

    Just based on this video, I'm gonna have to admit that I'm impressed! To say that this quad has tons of power seems to be an understatement! I'd love to drop the goggles and give that quad a rip around the track.

    The other guy said that he's wanting a 6S setup.....I dunno.....4S would likely be quite enough, lol.

    Great lil video, Tony!
    1. Tony
      The props are Gemfan 5152's. I can get some pictures tomorrow when the sun is up (it goes down way too soon in the winter lol). But google can help in the meantime.

      I'm still not that good at the whole FPV thing and still take it really slow with the goggles down. But hopefully the weather will hold out and I can get some more flights on this quad.

      And yes, he was wanting 6" props, but even on my 250 quad, I'm running 5" props because they work so well. I'm actually worried about putting 6s on this quad lmao. This thing is a rocket on 4s, and adding another 7.4-8.4 volts to these motors, this thing would be ballistic! lol
    2. Derek
      After watching your video, and a few other 4S YouTube videos, I'm not sure that 6S is really necessary.