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Furibee Darkmax Betaflight Setup

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  1. Tony
    Betaflight Setup has to be the easiest setup you can do on a quad. Unless of course you really dive into it. In this video, I go through what I have done in setting this DarkMax quad up. I had some video issues and had to piece this together over about 3 days just to make a video. If enough request it, I will make a new video going in depth on the complete setup of the quad. Just let me know.

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  1. Agent_S810
    Hello Sir,

    I have a Furi Bee Darkmax as well. I am having some Issues and was wondering if I can just post a video on how its acting. When I am configuring in Beta Fligt and I test the motors they seem fine. As soon as i take the quad off after saving configs. the quad still acts like the motors are backwards. I cannot take off it just hunkers down. I reversed the Motors and ruined a very nice set of Props. WHat should I send to you to give you some insight. I can copy and paste my dump as well. when I look at the motors spinning direction, it seems right to the diagram in betaflight. I am perplexed.
    1. Tony
      If you can, just get me some video of it up close not running, and then try to get it in the air. From there, I would like to see your settings in betaflight.