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Hobbico Nexstar Mini Ep (rx-r)

  1. coolgabsi
    Bought fromTowerHobbies ($189 with membership (free shipping) ) and 199 for without membership and (paid shipping)

    Specifications (taken straight from Towerhobbies.com)

    Wingspan: 44" (1120mm)
    Wing Area: 296 sq in (19.1 sq dm)
    Length: 36.5" (925mm)
    Weight: 25 - 28 oz (710 - 790 g)
    Covering: Top Flite MonoKote
    Landing Gear: Main, composite plastic construction, nose, 0.08" (2mm) diameter steel wire
    Wheels: Three foam 1.5" (38mm) diameter
    Spinner: Plastic, white in color 1.5" (38mm) diameter
    Motor: SuperTigre 400 size brushless
    Electronic Speed Control: SuperTigre 20A
    Servos: Four ElectriFly Nano size, 2-aileron, 1-elevator, 1-rudder
    Propeller: Plastic, 9x6E
    Battery: 11.1V 3S 1250mah (recommended)
    Receiver: Whatever suites your radio (4+ channel)


    This came in a 5' tall box, which was not expected for a 44" wing span plane but it was very well protected around. With free shipping- not a whole lot to complain. Inside was this box
    Heres what you get in the RX-R version of this plane:
    1. 2 wing halves
    2. 1 one piece elevator (horizontal Stabilizer
    3. Fuselage
    4. Rudder (vertical stabilizer)
    5. Bag 'o' accesseries(Screws, tape, velcro straps, Prop adapter, Stick on Velcro for electronics/battery Carbon tube for connecting the two wings)
    6. Manual
    7. Prop Spinner , prop
    8. Landing Gear

    All you need to assemble:

    Phillips screw drivers
    Pliers to tighten the prop.


    This is the first balsa kit plane I assembled. Gotta say, IT WAS EASY! All you have to do is fit the vertical stabilizer piece into the horizontal stabilizer piece, stick them on the plane in the right slots (pre made) and screw them down with two screws. Wings were the same... insert carbon tube in one wing, attach it the other screw them down, and there you go.

    Aileron push rods came installed and fitted to the servo horns. Elevator and rudder push rods came installed and very neatly ran through the body. Nothing to do but just stick them in the servo horns which come with preinstalled adjustable push rod connectors, just check your surfaces at servo center and tighten those down.

    IMG_0418.jpg IMG_0417.jpg
    Battery compartment has a magnetic hatch. Inside you will find the 20A esc, and the surface to apply velcro (that already came with it).. just cut to size, remove the wax paper stick it on balsa ... you are good to go.

    Up next is the connectors... It comes with banana connectors on the esc. I prefer Deans personally, so I got that changed to a deans male. ESC is velcro-ed to the frame from factory, if you need to work on it / upgrade it, all you need to do is remove the cowl (which is held on by tape), disconnect the motor and there you go ESC is out.

    The monokote is well finished. It is a very light weight plane.

    Comes with "air speed brakes", for a beginner pilot to slow things down without loosing lift and learning to land.
    SpinControl airfoil extensions gives you the lift if you stall the plane in the air. These are also removable. As skills go up, you can remove the speed brakes and the air foil extension.

    For CG, it has two dots under the wing, just install your battery and suspend your plane on tow fingers on those dots. If it suspends straight, you are golden.

    Problems with assembly : Nothing much, just use a drop of glue to set the vertical stabilizer in place on the top of the fuselage, otherwise even after the screws it was pretty loose.
    These screws dont sit in a lot of wood. They are holding the vertical stabilizer through the monokote and the balsa around... A bit too flimsy thats why i went with the glue. Some one on the forum suggested screwing in the screws that go in balsa.. taking them out, putting a bit of CA, and then sticking them back in so that the balsa screw does not eat through the balsa on vibrations.

    Flight Performance (coming soon)

    PROS (till now)
    1. Extremely easy build
    2. Springy landing gear that takes away the hurt to the fuselage while learning
    3. Pivot Flex wing mount that reduces wing damage on a crash.
    4. Air Foil extensions for slow speed controlled flying
    5. Steerable nose wheel (pull pull)
    6. Build looks sturdy overall
    8. Motor is powerful enough that if done right you can hand launch it.
    9. Dihedral wing making it self correcting and stable in the air.

    None yet, but I will update this as I go along.

    IMG_0421.jpg IMG_0419.jpg

    P.S: DONOT UNDER ESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE OF READING THE MANUAL THAT CAME WITH IT PLEASE! Its very useful and explains everything. It tells you not to tighten a couple of the screws down too tight. Please follow instructions.

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