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Thank you. Its not a normal thing in my area to have tornados. We get warnings all the time but rarely does it wvr produce anything. The one thing i do see all the time are water spouts on lake erie. Those are cool to watch.


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I had a funny feeling and had the urge to grab a whiskey and look at the sky and radar.... Turns out it's just the off topic room.... :lmao:

Hoping everything is okay on the home front Ivan! Super busy week, not even time to cook a proper meal.

And a huge thanks to Ivan for sending me a text letting me know the site was down. Not sure what happened. I had a card that I used on the server every month, and then it would be automatically paid off 5 days later. Well, it had an annual fee, so I canceled that card just before the fee came out. Don't need that junk anymore (more on that in another post). But I then took another card that I never use and to keep it alive, I set it up to be the card used to pay for the server.

This turned out to be a perfect storm.

Not only did the card, for whatever reason, not get charged, there was no activity on the card at all (no declines, nothing). Then, my host emails me, and I don't get the email. They emailed on the 25th and the 29th of last month to let me know there was an issue. But I didn't get these emails. So how do I know about them, well I called them lol. When I logged in and saw that my sever had expired, I immediately tried to add it to the cart to pay for it. It wouldn't add to the cart.

So I called my host and they added it and tried to pay for it with the same card, and.... General Decline. Yea, I work in customer service on the back end as what would be known as "level 3", and that General Decline.... is annoying!

So I gave her my debit card to charge my bank directly and boom, everything is fine. Payment came out, server woke back up, all is well.

Again, there was no indication that there was anything wrong with the other card that I wanted to use. Nothing on the account. No declines, no warnings, nothing. So, I think I'm just going to let that one sit until they deactivate it. There is no annual fee on that one, but the APR is pretty high as it was one of 3 cards that I used to drag myself up out of the "bad credit" pit. I now have other cards that I use for things every day and honestly don't need it.

I know some in here that know how that game works are probably facepalming. Credit age and number of accounts is HUGE on the credit report. The credit age, those cards were only 1.5 years old, or a little less. So F-All in a big ship really. And they were low balance of just a grand or a little more. I was kind of worried about the reduction of the available credit as that is also HUGE on the ole credit rating, so I went to a card that we use all the time and I asked for them to double the credit limit.... What card you might ask... BestBuy lol. The one card that I probably shouldn't get an increase on, but I had to in order to keep my available credit where it was. And I was quite surprised when they approved it.

We had just paid off my 3090ti that I purchased under the 12 months 0% interest, so they were liking me pretty well which I think definitely helped towards the immediate approval of the second doubling of my account with them. Good thing too, because my washer and dryer are worrying me, and my stove and microwave are old as dirt..... I hear they have fantastic 0% deals on appliances from time to time.... :scratchchin:

But getting back to the site, the card not working, the emails not being delivered (by the way, she said there was a generic error on those too...) and being too busy was just the perfect storm for the site to go down due to failure of payment. My apologies to those that tried to get on here during the few hours it was down. Shouldn't happen again.

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I had some fun making a tiny torsion trigger spring today. No really, everything worked out perfectly for a change, HA!
I guess after thousands of pulls, the trigger spring in my pellet gun failed. At first I thought no problem, I'll just buy a new one from Sig, right? Wrong!
They tell me that replacement parts are not available, but,,,,,,,,,,, I can send it to them at more cost, and then they can fix it. Wait a minute here, I thought replacement parts weren't available!!! What a rip!

So I went online to try to find a spring that would work. I came close but no cigar. Next I went back to the web to try to figure out how to possibly make a spring. Yup it's possible, sweet! Off to Amazon. Today the tube with a killer selection of 304 stainless spring rods arrived. I quickly wrapped up a new li'll torsion spring. Boom!! It works! Nice... This will work equally great for that busted spring in the old grandfather clock, ha!


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Rob Lancaster

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The weather is fairly calm again today so I couldn't resist flying 4 more packs.
I reset my cut-off voltage to 3.6v instead of 3.7v. It added 2 and a half minutes to the flight time. Now I get a cool 6 and a half minutes. Nice!
Still drooling over that Align 500 XT.........
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