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1000 Watt Power Supply Build Guide Icharger 306b Ep Buddy Parallel Board Deans

By Tony, Sep 11, 2013 | Updated: Jan 8, 2018 | |
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  1. Tony
    Credit for the content of this video goes to Gaba. I meant to mention this in the beginning of the video, but I was so tired at the time that I completely forgot. And after the video was done, I just decided to leave it as is rather than put a finished product in the beginning of the video. Again, Gaba is the one that got me to purchase these parts and build this kit.

    In this video, I show you how to modify and wire TWO HP server power supplies in series to gain 24 volts and over 1000w of power! This is a monster setup! I have paired this with the iCharger 306b and now, I'm set for just about any battery that you can throw at it.

    As I state in the video, you do this at your own risk. There is a serious risk of electrocution by opening up these PSU's. There are capacitors that are charged inside the case and if you touch one, there is the potential that it will stop your heart. Again, you do this at your own risk! Rc-Help nor any of it's members or staff can be held responsible for damage or injury.

    With that said, below is the video. Follow along and if you need any help, you know where to find us. I will be putting this setup in a case and I will make a new video when that is done.

    Here is this charger setup charging 9 3s packs with two para-boards at 30 amps!

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