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General Spektrum DXS question


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According to the HZ Carbon Cub manual the DXS TXM supplied in the RTF version will not support adding flaps to the plane. The 3 position switch # 7 is unused. Why can't that be used for the flaps? :help:


Does it have a Spektrum 4650 Serial Receiver? DSMX SRXL2 Serial Micro Receiver (SPM4650): Spektrum - The Leader in Spread Spectrum Technology

As for extra switches, one of mine you can toggle back and forth from SAFE mode and normal... ?

Says the DXS is a 7 channel? DXS Transmitter Only (SPMR1010): Spektrum - The Leader in Spread Spectrum Technology

How do the servo wires plug up to the RX???

If normal plugs, you can replace it with an AR 620 or if you want SAFE mode, an AR 630.

Does it have the linkage for flaps? You have to add a servo and do some cutting on the foam for them to work.


My S Cub (predecessor to the CC with smaller tires) flew fine without flaps. With an APC prop it was even better! It would go vertical for a short spell. I never pushed it... 100' vertical and level off when I was playing. It had an 18 amp ESC! I see yours has a 30 AMP! Which is so much better! HobbyZone Carbon Cub S 2 1.3m RTF with SAFE | Horizon Hobby

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