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This in on my new Dynam C188. I thought it was the RX so started this thread.

I don't get why the servo tester will work but two different RX won't...


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Sounds like the speed control might not be arming the motor on startup. Make sure throttle is 0 at low stick, and if you haven`t already, try resetting the throttle end points in the speed control.


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Thanks Geena. I am leaning to the ESC and or its programing. I remember programing the ESC on my heli. I found an manual online to program it...

Just spoiled I guess from the usual plug up and go. I've never pulled a new plane out of the box or done a build that has done this.


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After the number of users here that have reported their ESC didn't arm without first calibrating their throttle to the ESC... I'd consider that a first step every time now no matter what brand you use.


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Randy, this is the first time I have had problems. I have 7 Horizons, 2 FMS', and 5 Flitetest ESCs/planes that I had no problem with. This is the first time.

I pulled an ESC out another Dynam kit I have and installed it into the C188 and it works fine.

The Dynam SU 26M failed. I replaced it with a cheap Amazon score I had, works perfect.

I put together my Dynam AT-6 and initially had the same results. I trimmed the throttle trim all the way down, and it booted up. So I went to the sub trim and adjusted it. That worked too, but I didn't realize it changed the throw length and I wasn't getting full throttle. I zeroed that and went to travel, 130% low and worked fine and didn't affect the top end. I cycled it a few times and it went back to the warning beep...

A programing we shall go. :chairshot:


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Thanks Randy!!! I have a couple to program as of yet, but I did program my Dynam T6 Texan. Works fine now.

I did learn this, if you have a failsafe system, I assume most TX/RX have them, do a rebind on your RX after programing the ESC. I was screwing around and cut my TX off, wheels up as programed, but 25% THROTTLE!!! Prop on. :help:

But I have had props fly across the room before too so. :warning:
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