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This in on my new Dynam C188. I thought it was the RX so started this thread.

I don't get why the servo tester will work but two different RX won't...


Staff member
Sounds like the speed control might not be arming the motor on startup. Make sure throttle is 0 at low stick, and if you haven`t already, try resetting the throttle end points in the speed control.


Thanks Geena. I am leaning to the ESC and or its programing. I remember programing the ESC on my heli. I found an manual online to program it...

Just spoiled I guess from the usual plug up and go. I've never pulled a new plane out of the box or done a build that has done this.


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After the number of users here that have reported their ESC didn't arm without first calibrating their throttle to the ESC... I'd consider that a first step every time now no matter what brand you use.

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