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Spektrum AR620


TX is an old DX7. ESC throws some type of alarm when I power up. Bind RX with TX via slave battery. Everything (servos) works fine.

Power down, plug in ESC to RX, power up... repeated BEEP-BEEP, etc, etc. Control surfaces work. No throttle.

Hook up servo tester, power up, ESC/motor work fine...

I did the bind procedure three more times, same thing. Throttle settings for other planes I have on the AR620 are the same and work fine.

I have a spare AR410 I can bind to test the ESC? .... Bad RX?
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Bind the 410 same thing. Hooked the 620 up to another plane/esc, works fine. I can still hook my tester up to the ESC and it runs. Plug the 620 back in, power up, beep, beep, beep... SMH

So it appears to be an ESC problem instead.

Looks like the prop extension was bent in shipping.. Going to order that and another ESC I guess.

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