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The Chinese, Helping Or Hurting The Hobby???

By Tony, Jun 24, 2012 | |
  1. Tony
    I have been thinking about something here lately and I thought i would write up an article on it to get your opinions. This is just a debate and nothing serious, so please keep it clean.

    As you know, for the past year or so I have been fighting everything I have ordered from over seas. From helicopters to electronics, they have not done me well. For an example, lets talk about the HK helicopter kits. The carbon fiber is chipping, the aluminum is not drilled straight and the bearings feel like there is sand in them. And HK is not the only one, I have gotten the same thing from EXI as well, even though it's the same helicopter.

    Then there are the electronics. I ordered a 200a ESC for my 600 just to watch it almost burn down my house when sparks flew from it the first time I powered it up. I have had servos that say one thing on them, and then I get them and they are only half of what they claim.

    What about the quality of the metal they use in not only the parts, but also the screws? I almost lost an eye when a tail blade came flying off my helicopter and just missed my ear by inches. I know many others that have had this same issue.

    How about those cameras? some work, some don't. but they are still pumping them out as fast as they can.

    So my question is why do we support those that we know are making second rate products? Is the money savings really enough to compensate for the loss of time and possibly blood from these second rate products?

    So with staying on topic of this thread, do you think having such cheap electronics and kits is actually helping the hobby? Do you think it's worth the risk to the hobby to continue buying these products because of the money that we save but have to put a little more time into?

    Your opinion matters, let us know how you feel about china ripping off companies like Align and just copying their products with substandard quality.

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