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Local Hobby Shops (lhs) Should Support You!!!

By Tony, Dec 14, 2012 | |
  1. Tony
    I have done a blog on this matter, but I think it's time we take this out into the world and see what people think about this.

    Over the last couple of weeks I have been hearing from multiple members that are saying they are going into their LHS and being treated like complete trash while in there. Maybe they are just there for some information or maybe they are looking for some new projects to work on. Either way it's come down to if you are not going to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars with them, then you are an intruder in their shop.

    Well I'm here to tell you, it's not the internet that is killing these businesses, it's the owners and employees of these shops. I have them around me.

    I don't care if people are in there just to look, or if they are just wanting information, you can not treat your customers like crap and expect to stay in business. That's not how things work. That ONE customer will leave that store with the way they were just treated fresh in their minds and they will jump on the internet and bash your name all over the place. Not just in your town, but all over the world.

    Now I do agree that a "paying" customer needs more attention paid to them while in the store than the person that is just in there for answers. Afterall this is a business and money pays the bills. But, when you are done with that paying customer, don't just go on your lunch break and forget about your other "potential" customer. They will never return if you treat them like crap.

    I have heard all of these stories and quite frankly, they piss me off. Everyone is ******** that the internet is destroying the LHS and people are only going into their LHS so they can get info to buy online. Well guess what, stop treating your customers like trash and they just might buy from you. Yes, LHS has a higher over head than online retailers, this is why the price is a little more. But people will look past that to an extent if you treat them right.

    I have always said since I started this forum, Support Your Local Hobby Shops! But here lately, the tables have turned and the Local Hobby Shops NEED to support YOU!

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