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Learn How To Fly W/ The Rc-help Trainer. Build & Fly Guide

  1. Tony
    HK500GT 2.jpg

    When you are first starting to get into this hobby, you have a LOT of questions that need answers. One of which is "How do I get into this hobby without breaking the bank?". That is what I'm here to answer for you.

    In this article I will show you how to download the FREE PDF Rc-Help Trainer plans, print them out, tape them together, cut out the foam board and glue everything together. Once that is done, I will show you how to install all of the electronics to get this bird in the air. I will be using a Spektrum DX8 but any 4+ channel Tx will work.

    The first thing you need to do is get you some foamboard. I purchase mine from Dollar Tree for a buck a sheet. It's cheap and lightweight. Then you will need to get something to cut it with. In the videos below you will see what I use.

    Most importantly is the electronics needed to power the plane. This plane flies on a 3s 2200mah 25c pack. On my plane I'm using an 890kv Alpha 450 brushless outrunner spinning a 12x6 prop, but anything from a 10x6 to 10x8 will work and I will be going to the 10x8 shortly.

    The motor is being powered by a 30a Proton brushless ESC and works great. Servos are micro 9g cheap servos. Afterall, you don't want anything too expensive, this is your first plane.

    If you have any questions, please ask. I'm here to help get everyone in the air and keep them there for a long time.

    This is a playlist and will have more videos in the future. Be sure to check back often for new guides for the Rc-Help Trainer.

    To download the most recent plans, CLICK HERE!

    Maybe if I get some time I will show you guys how I created the plane below!


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  1. Sahriar
    sir, my rc plane's weight is 1.5 KG. which motor should i use.
  2. Oldensly
    all I got was an error message. Not very helpful.
    1. Tony
      My apologies. This article was still formatted for the old site. I have corrected the URL as well as put the correct link to the video in the article above. If you see any other article that is this way, just let me know and I will fix it.
  3. Panther
    Is it 3mm or 6mm foam sheet
      Oldensly likes this.
    1. Tony
      The foamboard I use is more like 5mm, but you can use 6mm if that is all you can get your hands on. If you are in the states, you can use the board from Dollar Tree, which is what this board is that I used on this plane.