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Deciding On Your First Airplane

By Tony, Sep 11, 2013 | |
  1. Tony
    It's going to be one of the hardest decisions you will make in this hobby. What is going to be your first airplane! Just like with helicopters, picking the correct aircraft is going to either make the hobby, or break the hobby. For this reason, you must start out with a great platform.

    Now I know, you all want to go out and get your favorite F4U, or P-51, but trust me, you need a high wing trainer FIRST! Why do you need a high wing trainer, because they are stable, fly pretty slow, easy to build and most importantly, they are easy to land. And most trainers are stronger than a war bird as well.

    The plane pictured below is a PERFECT first plane if you want to get into nitro. It's a high wing trainer, if you let go of the sticks, it should self wright it's self and when you cut the throttle, or have a flame out, you can dead stick this plane in for a perfect landing.


    If your looking for something electric that is cleaner and usually cheaper in the long run, Then the plane pictured below is perfect for you. You can also read the article posted by coolgabsi by clicking the link just above the picture.


    Here at Rc-Help, we have designed a trainer that is perfect for the beginner pilot. It's the RCH Trainer. This is a high wing, boxed fuse airplane that can withstand crashes quite well. You can build it with either a bolt on wing, or rubber band on wing. I suggest the rubber bands since they will flex if you do happen to crash.

    This plane flies pretty slow, and because it's a belly lander, it's easier to land just about anywhere, including places like my house that has very tall grass in the field.

    If you need any guidance in picking out your first airplane, we are here to help. Let us know if you want a foam plane, or a balsa plane. Also let us know if you want to actually build this plane from a kit, or if you want an ARF (Almost Ready to Fly). We will get you going in no time.

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