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I would like to show you my work bench/Control central. From left to right is the work bench with 3 pull out draws. The work bench is mounted on wheels so I can pull it out to due bench test. Next is my work table that is 8' long so I can line up my helis for repairs or go through my check list before flight. IMG_0087.JPG Then in the corner is what I call control central. This has my computer, 2 monitors. One for my surveillance cameras and the other for the computer with a DVR recorder plus PS2 and 32" Samsung smart TV. The computer, cameras and the PS2 are all connected to the TV. IMG_0086.JPG. I guess you can also call this my man cave.




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I like it, all except for one thing... There is not a single RC in those pictures lmao.


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Sweet setup, bro! I like it!

I'd show off my work station but I've got parts and electronic components EVERYWHERE, lol. What a mess!!!


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Finally after bugging the wife for a few month. She gave in and let me take the closet doors down in the room which has all my heli/ workbench and computer stuff :chickendance: IMG_0545.JPG.:thinking: Matter of fact, she like it enough to ask me to remove the closet doors from are bed room Lol.



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Uh oh watch out she may get ideas for other projects! Looks good Ivan!

:lol: Being an Interior Trim carpenter and now retire due to medical issue. If it wasn't for the project around the house, the misses and I would be at each others throats. :eek1: Trust me, like any other women, they always have a honey due list for their man :lmao: Every time she has a project, I just tell her to add it to the list. The list never ends! and I'll get to it when I find time that doesn't interfere with my flying :biglaugh:
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