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I see quite a few posts on the 3D printers and some prints that are made with them, and they are kind of scattered since there was never really a good place to put them. You could put the ones that were for quads in the quad section, and the ones for helicopters in the heli section, but what about printer settings? What about filament selection? 3D printer mods to make things turn out better or what upgrades work best for better 3D prints and so on.

So I have created this section and I put it under the Tools category as a 3D printer is most definitely a tool.

Please post up with anything that you may want to say about a 3D printer, settings, questions, and so on.

bigone5500 I think you and I may be the ones posting the most in here lol.


I have a few printers, and make small parts and tail feathers for my trex 450's. If i can help/print something for someone, let me know and Ill give it a try.
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