Using a Light Diffuser while taking pictures?


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Is any one using diffuser's while taking pictures..if you use standard ones available in the market or use a piece of translucent white plastic sheet or paper?
Can anyone share results using different diffusers..?
I am currently experimenting using a plane white paper as a that a good idea? will post the pics of objects with and w/o diffuser..



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I have used printer paper. Make sure its white and ensure you set white balance in for custom. You will need fold the paper and tape it on. At least thats how I did it.

You can use milk jug plastic cut it just right and tape on.

If that's not an option just buy a clip on defueser. They bare inexpesenive and a great investment.


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I use a diffuser plastic in front of my flash. It helps a lot... This is what I use :

Puffer Pop-up Flash Diffuser, 3 Colors

The plastic has ridges on it to help disperse the flash a bit more evenly. I just use my white one abd then white balance in my camera to correct lighting if I have to... But u can use those colored ones too :)

Fly safe!! :) have fun!


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It really depends on what effect you are using. If you are wanting a picture with a nice crisp shadow. then you will fire straight on. If you want a little softer shadow, you will still fire straight on, but with a difuser. If you want the softest of all to try to get rid of the shadow, you will need at least two lights setup at 45º angles plus the difuser facing more upwards or bouncing off of a sheet of paper. It's just one of those things that you have to play with to get the way you want.


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Old thread but new to me.
For flashguns (52gn) I use 70gsm tracing paper in old a4 picture frames held in front of guns with about 8 inches of channel aluminium screwed into the bottom of frame amd a hole at other end that fits over thread on lightstands.
(I like making stuff! And hate buying anything I can make )
For close up macro stuff, then it's 2 135w studio bulbs so no real need to diffuse them.
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