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Trying A New Ad Format


Staff member
I just want to let everyone know that I'm trying a new ad format that just came out not too long ago. It is called Auto Ads from Adsense, the same company I have been using since 2011 when I started this website.

If you are a supporter you should still not see these ads. If you do, let me know where and I will look into it.

These ads place themselves into random locations that is "best suited" for the page. I'm not 100% sure on if this will work, but with revenue in the tank lately, I have to try something. If you see ads that are covering something up, in a place you don't think they should belong or just far too many ads on one page (there is no restriction on how many ads it can place) then let me know and take a screen shot of the page.

I wish I didn't have to run ads, but it is what it is. I still have to pay bills and with only a few members contributing every month to the site, it is not enough to keep the server going. So I'm hoping this can help get us over that edge.

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