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Some fine tuning is needed as far as leveling. It is still running ender 3 pro firmware and with that in mind I think this turned out great. This is an old roll of PLA from overture. I can tell it is about to see its demise as there is a lot of popping during print. But otherwise I'm happy. This is a pencil cup I made in fusion a while back. My other one got hot during my move and flattened out a little. I use it for my hemostats and soldering tools. I'll post the .stl file for anyone that wants it.


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I have been emailing back and forth with creality for a little bit. I originally asked about firmware for the board so I can get it back to original operation. Even though it's printing just fine I want the right stuff in there. So they asked for all sorts of information and I sent it to them. Then the wanted more info such as photos, video blah blah. I told them nevermind that it was too much trouble just to get firmware. Then I got a quick reply with the firmware. LOL!


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Yea, when some companies see that you are about to give up, you might just go to another company, and they give in.


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Well the ender 5 is doing kinda good. This is the longest print I have ver done. It's 5 hours in and 2.5 hrs left. It's a drawer shell for the CR-6 SE. There is much tuning left to be done. Stringing, banding on the sides. And the nozzle may need to be replaced as it likes to ball up on the end somewhat. Other than that it works 1000x better than when it had the silent board in it.

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