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Tactic DroneVew camera


I purchased one of these from the LHS for recording my flights on the planes. It seems to work well and is very light. I only have one complaint. It seems to react to the white color on the plane and presents a slight haze around the white surfaces. Other than that, it does a great job. I do know this lags on wifi way too much to fly FPV.


Droneview.jpg DroneView Haze.jpg


DroneView Haze.jpg


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Looks interesting, shame it's only 720p.
Love the tilt lens, be great for miniquads.
Can you get in and adjust the brightness and white balance?
That may help with that haze.


The tilt lens is the best thin about the camera. I had it on the Edge 540T this weekend and it had the same haze with the red. It may be just thins that are very close to the lens. I would like to try a Mobius in the near future.

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