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Quad Syma X1 Dives


New Member
Hi there,

it's my first post here so I hope I annoy nobody with my question.
I own a few drones and my first one, a Syma X1 develloped suddenly a silly problem: on liftoff it loses power on the front props and dives to the ground. One moment it flew allright, the next day it had this problem. This little fun drone has had a few motors replaced and thats's it.
On placing the battery I let it calibrate it's gyro for 20 seconds, I bind the controller as usual. Normally it flies. Sometimes it gets stuck in a tree but nothing serious apart from that.
So i'd thought I'd ask advice from the x1 pro's. Any idea's, suggestions or whatever? I don't want to make the effort of placing a new motherboarde or buying another controller.



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This is no help for your issue but it's important to know the terminology. That isn't a drone... it's a quad... there is a difference.

A drone is ANY aircraft or other vehicle that can fly/move on it's own by being programmed on what route it takes without any user input. This includes ground and air vehicles.

I will mention that unless it's a setting you've overlooked or something simple, repairing a toy level quad isn't considered cost effective. That one can be purchased new with a radio for about $45.


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It kind of sounds like a bad mosfet on the board. As soon as you put a load on it, it gives up. Could be a solder joint, could be a misconfiguration in the flight controller (if you can adjust it). Hard to tell, especially with the cheaper quads.

One test you can do is swap the motors around. Put the left front on the right rear, right rear on left front, right front on left rear, and left rear on the right front (keeps the same rotation direction). If the issue follows the motors, then the motors are bad, if it stays the same, then something on the FC is bad.

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