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Stealing Rc Vehicles


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Goblin 380 Supporter
Well since all the new rules and regulations are being applied to anything that fly's. The new thing to steal, at least here in Florida, is remote control cars/trucks. It's a new trend here. They been targeting places like Orlando, Tampa palm beaches and so on. I guess anything to make a buck beside working for a living.


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Many years ago I caught someone actually leaning in to my car, he had manage to unlock it, to take a present I had just bought for one of my stepsons.
It was a toy, less than $50 worth. I kicked his ass, literally, then gave him the choice of me calling the cops or giving me everything in his pockets.
Wrong I know, but he won't forget it in a hurry.
Netted $60 odd and an Ipod, thinking about it that was probably stolen too.


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Armed Forces
People will do anything to not get hurt. Most criminals go into it thinking they have the upper hand. Then when they meet like or greater force they buckle and run.

And that is why every US citizen that can legally carry, should. In most cases when you draw you won't even shoot. Just the act of drawing stops most crime. Ohio has extended castle doctrine to your vehicle. So now your covered while in or near your car.

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