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Slight Server Issue, Should Be Sorted Now


Staff member
Thanks to Jared, he notified me that the site had went down RIGHT AFTER I was on it and got off to do some other things around the house. So Jared, thank you bro! I would not have known about that for hours if you or anyone else had not have contacted me.

The issue was once again a database issue that we though was resolved. I dont' know if it was the exact same error (I don't dig into that part of the server, I leave that to the Linux Guru lol) but restarting the database did help. Last time, it happened to Saturday, this time it happened on Sunday but it has been a couple months since the last issue.

Once again, we are looking into this issue to try and resolve it and we will. I do apologize to anyone that had issues logging onto the site. My apologies.


Well-Known Member
Yeah baby! Teamwork is how it's done! I'm glad you were able to get it resolved. If I can help in any other way let me know.

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