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Rc-help Email Issues


Staff member
It has been brought to my attention (a while ago) that the emails were not being sent from the forum to the users when there is a new reply to a thread, a new PM came in, or the like. Due to how busy I am at the moment with work and home, I had put this on the back burner as a weekend project to fix when I could.... Until last night.

Last night I received a message from someone on youtube stating that they were trying to sign up on the forum so that they could download the plans to the RCH Trainer, however they never received the conformation email that every user must agree to in order to verify they have a legit email address.

It was with this straw that I had to MAKE time in order to get this email issue resolved. It never occurred to me that the email server is required to sign up. A complete oversight on my part.

I am currently working on a permanent solution to this issue. I will update when we are back up and running again.


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