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I downloaded a radius gauge yesterday and thought it to be handy. However, it lacked a few sizes I wanted. So I made my own. Be advised it's a work in progress and the final version will be updated in this post. This gauge is printed with my only printer, the Ender 5. I am printing this in PETG. You will have to adjust as needed for your filament. My settings are as follows:

Nozzle temp: 240C
Bed temp: 85C
Retract: 6mm @ 55mm/s
Print speed: 65mm/s
Z hop before when retracted

You will most likely need to use a drill bit if you have the sizes but shouldn't need to in order to accurately form the center holes.


  • Radius Gauge v1.stl
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The gauge needs some tweaks to allow for easier measurement on the outside radii. I tested with my metric drill set and there is resistance caused my the corners of the radius. I also need to figure out why the inside holes have voids around them.



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Interesting. I don't have a use for that at this time, but now I know where to find it if I do lol.
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