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pinout diagram for 12V supply from a dell server power supply model 7000815-Y000


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This is a RC based forum... not a computer server or really even a general electronics forum... so the chances of getting help from a group of people that are talking about other RC related issues.. is very slim.

I'd suggest just using Google or similar search engine... perhaps search on computer server forums and lastly a general electronics forum ( much less likely to find something on that one but more likely than an RC based forum). If you can find out which make/model servers that went into, the info may be found within the documentation for that/those servers ...


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thankyou for your reply. The reason Im trying on rc=help is you find alot of people who use rc as a hobbie also hack computer servers because when hacked they make a very reliable battery charger for not alot of money . I thought there might just be a chance that someone on here may have the pinout for this particular model. Ive searched extensively on google and although you can find most pinout diagrams for some of the dell servers im struggling to find this particular model. May try RC groups But many thanks for your responce
kind regards trevor


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Usually when someone converts a computer power supply into a bench power supply... First they find a schematic and pinout for a specific make and model before they commit to buying something, not the other way around for the very reason you are finding... it's hard to get good info on the many different supplies available. Good luck on the hunt...

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