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No Videos... Wth Man!!!


Staff member
I know it seems that I have not been posting much on here and I definitely have not made any videos for TheirTube. No, it's not because of all the BS that is going on over there even though that is a little irritating. I have been working, mainly on our Twitch channel (Twitch). You should give us a follow over there. We have been having some fun.

But things are about to change. I think I'm going to take that Twitch channel from a no holds barred channel to like what we had on our TheirTube live streams. No excessive cussing and so on, just like it is here. I do think that is hurting us a little. I know some people like it that way, and if you want to cuss it up in chat, that's fine, I can remove it from the videos. But I do think that is where we are going to head on the next one.

The plan that I have been working on is kind of different than what we have been doing. And that is shooting the videos for TheirTube live on stream on twitch so that people can ask questions, then editing them up and posting them to TheirTube. We have done one video and I tried to do another but was shot down on that one.

The other thing is, I'm trying to up my audio game to keep from clipping and get rid of that drowning sound when I'm talking. It has to be like that for now because of all of the gain that I'm having to put into this mic. We just ordered, Thanks to delininja (AKA NIC), a new 12 channel mixer, a new pair of headphones so that I can hear what you all are hearing as well as some cables and such to get it all working. I think. This is the first time I have tried to mess with any of this.

The other thing that i have been up to is trying to prepare for a new router build. I will post up about this in a different thread lol.

So I have not been just sitting around on my hands, I have been working. I do still need to come up with a schedule for the live streams and I would greatly appreciate your input. For now though, I think I need to go lay out some new water line in the garden lol. See, busy lmao.

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