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New Castle Creatios motor


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Uri, you probably know this already but for anyone reading who doesnt....
Bear in mind that sensored motors are for RC cars, not planes and helis. The advantage of a sensored motor is that it can produce full torque right from stationary because the sensors tell the ESC exactly where the rotor is, so the ESC knows which coils need to be energised to get the motor turning. This is an big advantage in cars.
Sensorless motors (which is every brushless motors in a heli or plane) have to initially have a 'random' low power pulse sent to the coils to get the rotor moving so that rotor position can be sensed via back EMF generated in the windings as the magnets move past them. Because of this initial startup torque is low until the rotor gets spinning.

Sensored motors need a sensored ESC.. Though they may run in sensorless mode on a standard ESC (I've never tried?)


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Yes Tony and I discussed that last night. I was looking at a bunch of sights last night and found that info out.

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