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Making Some Changes To The Server


Staff member
Some of you may have noticed the site being down this morning. My Server Guru (lol) was going to install some 'stuff' on the server (I'm not quite sure what he was going to install lol) but found out MariaDB was not updated and the new 'stuff' could not be installed. So he started updating all of that. Because of this, the site had to be shut down for a bit. I do apologize but this should make the site just a tick faster in the future.

Also, in one week on the 27th, the site will be going down so that the datacenter can update their UPS's. They had a power failure from the electrical company, and although the generators did come on, the battery backup for the center did not work. They are going to be working on this on the morning of the 27th so every server they have must be shut down for about 3 hours starting at 0600. I'm more than likely going to shut the server down at 0530 so that I know it is shutdown properly.

If you guys have any questions, just ask. I will answer what I can.

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