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Links Broken? READ THIS!!!


Staff member
Hey everyone, I know there are some links that are broken here on the site and by design we are having to wait to update them. There are thousands of links on this forum that pointed to the old Articles section which no longer work on this new forum. Just know we are working on it, but we are having to get a list of these links before we can do anything with them.

The links I'm talking about are the ones that have /content.php at the end of them. If you mouse over any link, there should be a popup (in chrome it's in the lower left corner) and if you see /content.php, then you know the link is going to be broke. However, there is always the name of the thread in the link so go into the Articles forum and search for that post. Here is the link to the article section - Articles

If it is not in that section, then it will be in the Helpful How-To section which is where I'm moving all of them to.

If anyone has any issue with this, all you have to do is post a reply in the thread and let me know where the link is that is broke and I will give you the correct link. Sorry for the inconvienience but I promise, things will get better. This forum is faster than ever and we can only go up from here.

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