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Is it Worth it?


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Hi all (or both of you?),

I've been curious about this subject ever since first seeing a 3D Printer in action at a trade fair some years back. I thought at the time 'Is it worth it?', so now it seems to have turned into a hobby all of its own. A friend of mine made me a swash leveling tool for my Velos Rotors project (elsewhere in the Forum) and I attached a couple of photos for interest.

I could find leveling tools in the internet for around $15 but paid my friend a little over twice this for a custom-built one for the 880. I think it was well worth the price although others may disagree. My friend heavily suggested that I 'invest' in a 3D software to create the designs that he could print for me as this is the major involvement for him. Of course, the next part is the printing that took seven hours but I suppose the printer is left overnight to perform its magic.

I have done some surfing around for a printer of my own but unless it's treated as an extension of my hobby activities I can't see it makes any sense financially. I'm interested to hear any feedback on the subject.


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Own 3D printer is very cool. It all depends on the scale. You can turn to a friend again. On the other hand, you may like it so much that it will become your new profession. Now even rocket engines are printed on 3D printers. What if you do something very cool too? If you do not want to spend a lot, you can try to find a good seller on Aliexpress. I want to try getting a small lathe. This saves a lot of money.


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Hi Tomajo,

If I bought one myself it would be new or at the very least someone I know locally. Paying for it is not an issue but as I'm retired, I didn't think of it becoming a new career but who knows? Let you all know how I get on with this issue.


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If it was local, easy to come buy and did the job, write the additional $15 off to convenience and move on.


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Hi Keith,

Sounds like you aren't a fan of 3D printing. Why's that?
It's not that I don't like 3D printing, I can't justify it for myself, I have very few uses for one, so if I bought one after the initial surge of enthusiasm it would sit around taking up space and not being used. It is much cheaper & easier to pay my sons friend if I want something printed.


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Ah Ha! Understandable as the cost of the printer will never be recovered unless there is a sound business reason for one. I'm more likely to get the design software to relieve my friend of the time involved in that stage of the process. I'm also conscious of the space it would take up.

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