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HobbyKing has new HD Action Camera


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hahaha you beat me to it Derek.
I was just about to post a thread to it :)


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No video output for FPV on it though. But easier to crash at only $100 compared to the gopro's cost.
We must all get the same email sales paper, lol.


it the same one i have, the sj4000 its just been rebranded. if the firmware is the same it does have video out but it cant record at the same time (ive plugged it into my pc and used it as a webcam)


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That's too cool holtneil. You got the whole family plus the animal out for quality time together. I wish my wife would learn how to fly. I better get her to learn how to drive first. LOL She is one of those people that have tunnel vision when it come to driving. Scary isn't it. No wonder I don't have any hair left and what hair I do have it's gray.

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