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Hi Again


Well-Known Member
Hi all,

Seems like I've been away for ever. It's good to be back!

Last entry was about my new charger case built in the UK by 'Cool Ice'. An absolutely great piece of kit, which unfortunately, I've not used as much as I wanted. Not to worry, I've been banking some cash in my hobby account and am well on the way to 'Living the Dream' and building myself a scale heli. I've bought a new vehicle to become my mobile workshop and transporter. Now my good lady can have the second vehicle for whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

I'm fitting out 'Böxli' as my wife calls it and am slowly building up a scope of work for getting everything inside. It's all temporary at the moment so I can take measurements and decide upon the storage layout.

I'll keep you posted as it progresses (maybe a bit slower than I'd like :ambivalence:


Staff member
Well welcome back Phil! Glad to see you are progressing in the hobby again. And yes, you need to put that charger to work!! lol.


Staff member
Armed Forces
How bout showing us what it looks like. Lmao. Be great to see what he did for you.

As for the toy hauler, again pics or it has not happened. Lol.

Welcome back


Well-Known Member
Hi all, thanks for the welcoming messages. I'm going to take my laptop with me when I go off to work away so that I can keep up to speed. I'll put together some video/photos of my Coolice charger and post them. Promise!

My last week has been a great mix of family and work stuff. My mother-in-law reached her 100th birthday last Tuesday so we've been doing various family celebrations before and since. Last one is hopefully lunch today. With some luck, I can get back to progressing the fit-out of my new van. I suppose that commits me to share the plans and progress.

Watch this space as the saying goes!

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