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Heli Mack

I have a new MSI high speed gaming laptop computer and can't load in Phoenix - 4.I think there is some setting in the computer that needs to be changed??
The install wizard fails at the last stage of set-up. I have taken off my security and antivirus temporarily while trying to install but nothing downloads off the CD.????
Can anyone help.? Thank you in advance.


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Armed Forces
Have you attempted to install as administrator? Its not the laptop but windows stopping you from the install. You have a great laptop, I have the MSI GT660R lappy and in its day it handled everything I could throw at it.

Are you on Windows 7 or Windows 8?

So how do you do an admin install?

When the auto launcher starts just exit out of the install

open My computer

Right click the CD/BRD/Burnner drive

Left click open drive

Right click the installer

left click install as Administrator (password maybe required)

See if that gets it installed. I dont have that sim, I have realflight 7.5 and mine installed without a hitch. If this fails also I would contact Phoenix support and see what they say. Maybe a Phoenix owner on here can chime in with anything they may have.

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