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FBL Gyro Gpro cyclic trim setup procedure

Discussion in 'Helicopters' started by DrVague, Jun 19, 2015.

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  1. DrVague

    DrVague New Member

    Jun 19, 2015
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    Hi, newbie builder here (have a few RTF models so have reasonable flight experience).

    Just completing the Align Trex 450 with Gpro gyro. A bit confused with the procedure for setting cyclic trim.

    Tony's video on the build was brilliant and helped the build heaps, however the gyro in that vid is a 3gx. There is another vid by Jeff Fassbinder but unfortunately he doesn't go into a lot of detail in this particular step.

    Anyway, the confusion is: using the Windows software and plugged into the Gpro via USB, I have done the swashplate levelling step, all good. Done the collective trim and got zero degrees on the blades with the digital pitch gauge. It gets a bit confusing from here - when doing blade pitch for collective trim, do you take measurements at several points of the blade rotation, or just when the blades are aligned with the tail boom? In Jeff's video he only measures collective pitch angle with blades at this one point.

    Then you have to do cyclic pitch, here's where I'm totally lost. How do you position the blades and take measurements when doing cyclic trim, both aileron and elevator? If the blades were aligned to zero degrees when setting collective pitch trim, wouldn't they be aligned already in at least one direction? Again Jeff's video shows his cyclic trim to be ok so no detail on how to correct any issues. My cyclic trim is out by a degree on one side, and no matter how much tweaking of the cyclic trim values, will not balance up.

    I don't really want to maiden this thing until I am certain my pitches are spot on for obvious reasons.


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