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Wanted: Field Box For Nitro’s...

Steve Denton

New Member
Anyone have or know where I can get this particular field box? I’ve been looking for many moons but without success. I just love the way this thing is designed. Thanks


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Well-Known Member
That's a nice little compact unit for a field box. I ended up getting a kit long ago and really never used it after I switched over to electrics, I just carried a standard tool box after that. I assume you know you could custom build it using plywood but haven't chosen to for your own reasons. If you hadn't thought of it, it's at least a consideration.


Staff member
I actually have not seen that one. I have the larger field box that, like Randy, I never use.


Staff member
I tried to do a reverse google lookup and I cannot find that field box anywhere. Hangar 9 is what I have, which is mainly what it wanted to pull up... I'm wondering if that is custom...

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