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Misc. Fbl Unit Discontinue?


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Ok. I know that the Spektrum AR7200BX and the AR7300BX is discontinue. Well now I found out that the AR7210BX FBL unit is on that list too! Very strange why the AR7210BX is discontinue for being such a fairly new FBL unit.


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On some products, I have never understood it. If you have a good product, refine it.


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The AR7210 was based on licenced BeastX technology which meant that Spektrum werent able to develop it. Spektrum wanted a FBL that would integrate with their new Smart ESC range and offer full programming and telemetry interface with their transmitters, similar to the Mikado Vcontrol. BeastX based technology was never going to offer this so they decided to develop their own FBL. The Spektrum 6250HX as fitted to their Fusion 360 is the FBL that they are going to replace the AR7210 with.

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