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Doing Work On Usergroups


Staff member
Right now I'm doing a lot of work on the usergroups for the forum. The easiest way to do this is to delete the ones that were here from the old website and create new ones. This sucks because I have to pretty much do it one member at a time.

So if you see things a little weird, something not working or whatever, post up in here and let me know. I will help me out in finding different issues on the forum.


Staff member
Alright everyone, right now, EVERYONE is in the same usergroup. We are working on a structure of groups that go off of post count (and maybe even likes, not sure yet) for user promotions. I would like to get everyones opinion on what you guys would like to see while we are working on it. Below is the structure that we had in place and I'm thinking about putting back (trust me, it's easier to just delete the old and start over on this software...).

Registered users (default for anyone that signs up for the site)
>10 posts (I'm going to lower the forsale section post count from 50 to 10. This may bite me in the butt later)
Active RCH Member
>100 posts
Senior RCH Member
>1000 posts
Elite RCH Member

Where you see the >10, >100, >1000, this is the post count for the user to graduate from each usergroup to the next. What I would like to do is get your opinion on a structure that you all would like to see. This is a site that was built for the members, BY the members and I want to keep it that way!

I may also add a stipulation to the forsale section where if you have been here for 6 months you will graduate to the Active RCH Member group so that those people can post stuff for sale. Not 100% on this one yet.

Post up and let me know!!!

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