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Do You Even Tweet Bro? (RCH Official Twitter)


Staff member
I have to give huge props to my buddy Jacob for his work on the social network side of the forum. I was seriously thinking about closing down facebook, twitter and all of the other ones (except G+, thanks google...) because I never used them. That is when he asked if he could help support the site somehow and I gave him the usual donate, fan funding, patrion links and he asked if he could do something long term. That is when he started working on the social networks.

I can't stand twitter, but if he is going to put in the time to work on them, then I'm going to try to tweet to them from the site (yes, you can tweet FROM the site to your twitter). Doing this helps the site a lot by putting the threads that you like out there for others to see and share. If you scroll down to the bottom of any thread that you are in, there are two links, one is the twitter and the other is the facebook.

So I ask again, do you even tweet bro?

We need followers on Twitter. Below is the link to our Twitter account if you would like to follow us.

Rc-Help (@Rc_Help) | Twitter


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I have a Twitter account but use it 99% for just weather and storm chaser stuff... it's great for that and besides some of the chasers use Periscope for shot streams, which is sort a cool.

If I've got something to say, a couple of lines isn't enough usually.... so I only post a pic every now and then.

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