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Contact Us Removed


Staff member
I have had to temporarily remove the Contact Us link at the bottom of the forum. I have received 3 different emails with the same content. They were all from the same email provider (as is .com, .net and so on) and in this case, it was from .ru. I have already had to ban .icu from all emails and now I have included the .ru as well because of these emails.

The body of the email only had the word "why?" in it, then there was a link below it. I am working on only allowing members to use the contact us system because having something like that open to the world will result in emails like that. And I'm sure it is a phishing attempt to access information on my computer. And although I do have the ability to look at that page safely, I am just going to remove the Contact us link.

If you need to contact me, you can PM me, you can post a message on the forum, you can send me a message on youtube, or any number of other ways. But that one link has now been removed for a while.

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