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Scale Blade 230S V2


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Hi all, I have just purchased a new BNF Blade 230S V2 and a used Spektrum DX6i transmitter. Done pretty much all the set up on the transmitter (as per the table on page 6 on the heli manual). There are 2 key things that confuse me and I need to do, so I am looking fro some help, please.

1. On the side of the box the heli came in it states 'panic recovery mode'. At the touch of a button, the heli will return to a level attitude. No idea how to program this into the DX6i
2. The heli comes with 3 flight modes (all to with SAFE); they being stability, agaility and 3D. Again, how do I set those up in the DX6i. From what I have gathered, I amy only be able to have 2 out of the three due to the type of switches on the transmitter.

I would really appreciate some help on these areas. Thanks in advance. Regards. Robin


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Further to my earlier thread, I have a few more queries.
I am pretty much a beginner when it comes to flying CP helis but I have purchased a new BNF 230S V2 which I am hooking up to a Spektrum DX6i. I am fully aware that the heli has an AS3X/SAFE receiver which offers three flight modes but I understand that I will be limited to using 2 of those as the DX6i tx only has two-position switches. That should not be a problem (initially at least) as I really only want STABILITY (beginner) mode and gentle AGILITY (intermediate) mode.
I have worked through the setup table (as per Blade manual) and programmed the tx. Watching the flight school lessons on rchelicopterfun.com, the guy recommends a 'docile pitch curve' on beginner mode. The settings I have in at the moment are:

NORMAL (Stability/beginner)
throttle curve 0-25-50-75-100 (in percentages)
pitch curve 30-40-50-75-100 (in percentages)

Would the above be classed as a soft/docile pitch curve? If not, what should I alter?

If the above are ok, looking for guidance on equivalent settings for F Mode (i.e. STUNT/Agility). Not that I want to do stunts, it's just that is the name as given in the transmitter!

Finally, is the throttle hold switch effectively the panic recovery mode button??


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It is best to continue your additional question within the same thread that you already started instead of just creating a new one. That is how forums are intended to be used and it keeps all the related stuff together.

I'll report the thread so if an admin or mod has time, they can move this into the other thread... just remember they are volunteers and have real jobs, so they may not get to it quickly.

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