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Batteries Battery connectors


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Don't quote me but I was told you can only use traxxas parts & batteries. Maybe someone else can be more informative.


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You CAN solder a new plug onto the VXL ESC to match your battery and or plugs of choice. You can also solder Traxxas ID plugs to your own battery.
I believe Progressive RC has all the Traxxas stuff for batteries.. Or you can run a different ESC, though the VXL is a good setup.
The VXL power system is probably the most powerful 3S capable system I have run. Very impressive power. Traxxas has kind of gone proprietary, "they say for safety reasons"
Be careful with Lipos. As you may know, they are not very forgiving if improperly managed. Keeping them at 3.8v per cell "when not in use" is extremely important for longevity and safety.

Have fun!

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