Back to the drawing board, Lol


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Well after a day of flying and some unfortunate mishaps, this is what my heli workbench/ man cave looks like when I have to operate on my birds :puppy_dog_eyes:. IMG_0631.JPG I'll have something to do tonight while watching the football game. No UFC tonight :thumbsdown:

Right down the line; The x3 needs tail fin, main blade, feathering shaft, main gear and the gear in the KST servo replaced. The 500 flew wonderful and the 450 needs the main gear and the motor pinion replaced. The 450 is getting a new make over on Wednesday, if parts come in by then. She's getting a Align motor 460MX/3200KV, HobbyWing platinum pro V3 esc , main blades and a new canopy. :biggrin-new:

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