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Article System Is Now LIVE!!!


Staff member
You will notice a new tab at the top of the forum. This Articles tab is our new Article system. I just finished updating everything on it, and moving all of the old articles to it. This has not been an easy road to say the least, but it will get there in time. The last Article Management System we had (actually called a CMS, Content Management System) was very difficult to figure out, but I feel it had more options than this one, but I'm still learning this system so in due time things will get better.

If you see anything wrong, please be sure to let me or one of the staff know so we can take care of it. Also, all of the articles that are in there are pretty old, but trust me, there are new articles coming. I just had to get this system up and running first before creating them (can't butter your bread before getting out the bread lol). So now that that's done, we will start creating new articles for the site soon!

As always, your input on what you think, good or bad, is greatly appreciated!

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