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Quad Align Mr25xp

Discussion in 'Multi-Rotor' started by Heliman450, May 20, 2018.

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  1. Heliman450

    Heliman450 I Support Rc-Help! Rc-Help Supporter

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    Jun 2, 2015
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    Commissioning Engineer
    Zurich, Switzerland
    Hi all,

    I just finished going through the initial setting for my newly purchased MR25X and took it for its maiden flight.

    The motors activated OK and began to spin when the throttle hold switch was flipped on.
    However, when the throttle stick was moved gradually up the scale the MR25XP remained on the ground with no change in motor rotation speed.

    I checked through the video from Align and saw nothing in their presentation to suggest what's wrong.

    I've been checking through the written instructions and came across something (P32) to do with the ESC selection and that the model has been sorted for the BL Helis version in the factory and to skip this section. I went through the process and received a warning about throttle calibration. I switched the model off/on and listened to all kinds of beeping noises and watched the flashing lights show but still no difference.

    My next task was to go through scanning the icon and visited the website to be shown all kinds of clever stuff with a USB interface.

    I'm wondering if this is where the problem lies and I don't actually have all this firmware installed.

    Transmitter - Spektrum DSX8 G2
    Receiver - Spektrum DSMX

    Thanks in anticipation of someone knowing more about this.
< Need Help Setting Up Tricopter With Omnibus F4 Pro V2 | Calibrate Esc's With Sbus On Pixhawk >

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