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1st try at a video


So, it seems like so many guys on here have such cool video stuff
like tony's new quad, (that I wish he'd stop talking about "Befor" I buy one)
Just kidding Tony !

The video on that thing looks incredible, has to be 10 times better than the last camcorder
I owned (ya I said camcorder, I'm old what can I say)

Anyway, so I thought I'd try a video, (sorry no cool stuff) I made a stand outa cardboard
for my cell phone, (hmmm, no foam board eather) and this is what I got


So can anyone tell me why it's so hard to keep a heli in front of the cam
and why the closer you get to a cam the harder it is to stay still ?

Heres Hopeing somebody gets a :chuckles: at my 1st try
and please let me know if you'd like it to be my Last :chuckles:


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The way I see it, you took off, you flew and you landed. That is all you can ask for. Piro's looked great on that thing as well.

As for why it's so hard to keep it in front of the camera, remember that the camera is going from that little 2mm lens at the phone and it's showing the entire 20' door in front of it. So it's going to come out of the camera in a cone. Just keep it about 5' away and you will be golden.

as for the videos, the large video was shot with the Mobius camera. It's a fantastic camera for $80. And as you can see, on stock settings, even when facing directly into the sun, you can still see the ground.

The video at the top right of the screen is shot from the fatshark 2.8mm camera that I look at through my goggles (Dominator V2's) and is great!

As for not talking about the quad, that is just not going to happen lmao. If you think that mcpx is hard to fly (I think that is what that helicopter is anyway), then get a quad, they are a cinch to fly! Small, lightweight, cheap (got mine for about $130 RxR) and is quite stable once you get the settings set right.

Get one, you know you want to join the quad crowd. Don't wait as long as I did lmao.


Thanks Tony, Just what I needed - more reasons to buy a quad.
You really do need to stop talking about them LOL
BTW I'm waiting for more video from your quad (not that I'll watch)
anything in the works ?
and it was a nano cpx, man there small


Staff member
Oh yeah, I video every flight I have with the quad, and I post it in the FPV Video section under Tony's Quad Videos. I have a lot more tuning to do on it. I have only gotten my feet wet in atty mode (self level) and the next flight I'm going to start over on the tuning and do it the right way in Rate mode. So there are going to be many many more videos to come. Not that you will watch them :poke: lol

And yeah, the nano's are quite small. I have been driving my doberman crazy with my nano quad :chuckles:

That thing is a blast in the house, and very quick!


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Nice work RJ. Keep the videos coming...and the photos....and the flight stories.....and the quad builds!
Is that heli coming back at you in the clip or are you drawing it back to you?
I would think a hands off hover within the camera eye would be a nice goal, still one of mine !


Thanks, and lets just say I didn't have to duck :chuckles:
and hands off may be the way to go seeing as the closer I get the more it wants to hit the cam(phone)
I still tend to over react if I get to close


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Hey RJ that's great for a first attempt and the more you video the better it will get, I ended up with several types of devices Camcorder, key-chain spy cameras, video glasses, iPhone and action cam. They all have their strengths and weaknesses I find the best the Camcorder but the least convenient mainly because I get great video of my friends helicopters in flight but none of my own, so the glasses video gets the most work.

Look forward to seeing your next video, having said that maybe I should put my video where my mouth is and post some myself!!

Here are some of mine an lot of them going back a while https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLDVM3n2ZBt_At6ZnKQ8dtg
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Well EyeStation said " Keep the videos coming " ( you may regret that ) and Admiral said
" the more you video the better it will get " ( BTY Thanks for the link I enjoyed all your Videos ) - So Here are a couple more
The 1st is well... a lesson in Photography 101 " Don't point the camera into the light "
This is RCHELP after all, and it shows what NOT to do LOL, so I put it up anyway.


The 2nd ... guess I forgot I closed the door. Miner crash but the 120 SR can take it LOL

I think I stayed in view a littel better.
Stay tuned for the next epasode " The Mystrey copter " and see if you can guess what it is.


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I was wondering what in the hell that black blob was in the center of the drive lmao.

Great flying!


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Goblin 380 Supporter
Hey rjhenry, practice does work. Seems to me that you are getting very comfortable with your bird. You have the same problem like i do, trying to keep the heli in camera view. I'm going to try out these HD DVR spy glasses that my wife ordered. She doesn't take videos to well to follow my heli, so when the glasses arrive, I'm going to give it a try and see how they work. I'll post a video if they work out.


Staff member
That looks like a HBFP V2, or in other words, HoneyBee Fixed Pitch v2. If it is, I have some useless batteries (to me) that you may be able to use. Let me know what batteries you are using in this bird.


Your close Tony, Its an old Blade CP ( before the CP pro and pro+ ). It used to use 8 cell NiMH and IMO that's why it never flew.
The current was not consistent and you spent all your time trimming the tail, then, just about the time you would get close the pack was done. Then you would get to start all over with a new pack. Now I use 3S lipos and well, I doubt you watched till the end :chuckles: but that video was over 9 min.
I had no idea it flew that long :chuckles:

Oh ya and I typed all this yesterday - guess I forgot to click Post :dizzy:

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